Coroplast Signs

High Quality and Lightweight, Coroplast Signs offer a multitude of uses both inside and out

Coroplast, also known as Corrugated plastic, has many different applications which makes this material extremely versatile from a sign perspective. Coroplast is waterproof and very sturdy, yet extremely lightweight, making it easy to relocate and handle, as well as display in a number of ways. In recent days, coroplast has become a replacement for the once popular acrylic plastic signs. In addition, customers prefer the durability of corrugated plastic to that of foam core board or regular poster boards. With the help of wire stakes, you can place your coroplast signs into the ground with relative ease, assuring your business name or message is seen by all.

Speaking of various applications, the sky’s the limit for coroplast signs these days. Many people will use coroplast to promote their business with a contractor or jobsite sign. These are popular yard signs that are placed on a front lawn of a home when various work is being done inside or outside of the house. Passerby traffic see the coroplast sign and have access to the contractor’s name, phone, etc. When the job is done, you can just pull the coroplast sign out of the ground and take it with you to your next job! It doesn’t get much easier than that…

Another great use for coroplast is during political campaigns. Politicians will have their name and affiliation prominently displayed on the corrugated plastic, so everyone can remember not only to vote, but to vote for them. Since coroplast is cost effective, it’s a great choice for political signs, when large quantities of signs are needed for a campaign.

You can see some examples of coroplast signs by visting our coroplast sign gallery.

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