Light Box Signs

Grab Attention at Night with Light Box Signs!

It’s dark, your business has closed for the day, and the parking lot is empty. You’d think this would be poor time to try and win some new customers, right? Wrong! What you may be forgetting is that even after you’ve left for the day, there is still activity outside your place of business. People may be walking by, cars driving by, etc. Help convert some of these potential customers to permanent customers with the use of Light Box Signs.

Light Box Signs are signs typically placed on the top of your dwelling which illuminate, thus allowing your business name or logo to be prominently displayed at night. You never know who may spot that bright light box sign and decide to pay you a visit later. Take advantage of your business’ “down-time” and ensure your location is seen by all anytime of day or night!

Need to have your light box signs installed? Not a problem! Just let us know you need installation and we’ll take care of it…

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