Vehicle Wraps & Decals

Car Wraps, Car Decals, and More — All Custom Designed In-House

Car Wraps are a fantastic way to advertise your business through the use of a vehicle. Wrapping cars, vans, trucks, or even buses allows your business to remain in the public eye while your vehicle is on the road. We have extensive expertise in vehicle wrapping and can help your business get noticed fast with a custom designed car wrap to fit your needs and budget. Some benefits of car wraps include:

  • A Low-cost advertising alternative: Car Wraps are seen by more people and are much cheaper than advertising on TV or a billboard. What’s more, vehicle wraps are a one-time cost for your business. Once the wrap is applied to your vehicle, there is no recurring cost to you, unlike radio or TV ads.
  • Brand awareness: our designs ensure your brand will create a long lasting impression in the minds of your potential customers
  • Car Wraps advertise your business night and day. As long as your vehicle is on the road, your vehicle wrap is providing non-stop advertising!

We also can create custom decals for the vehicle of your choice. From Ambulances to Trucks, we use our digital printers to create high resolution renditions of whatever decal you desire to accent your vehicle. Some customers choose to have their corporate logo appear on their vehicle fleet, while others may opt to add some “fun effects” to their vehicle.

For an extensive look at our previous car wrap and vehicle decal projects, please visit our Vehicle Wrap Gallery.

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